New Jersey Legislature

Special Session on Property Tax Reform


The Joint Legislative Committee on Public School Funding Reform was created by Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 3. It is the duty of the committee to review and formulate proposals that address the manner in which government provides for the maintenance and support of a system of free public schools for the instruction of the children of this State. The committee may consider proposals to: provide State support based on student needs rather than geographic location; eliminate disincentives to the regionalization of school districts; control school district spending, particularly administrative spending; and improve the effectiveness of the current law limiting increases in school district spending.

Committee Members

Committee Aides

Kathleen Fazzari,OLS Aide

Theodore C. Settle,OLS Aide

Jacqueline Burke,Senate Democratic Aide

David Rousseau,Senate Democratic Aide

Brian Alpert,Senate Republican Aide

Christine Shipley,Senate Republican Aide

Mary Alice Messenger-Gault,Assembly Democratic Aide

Keith White,Assembly Democratic Aide

Beth Schermerhorn,Assembly Republican Aide

Thomas Neff,Assembly Republican Aide


Meeting Transcripts

Written Testimony Submitted to Committee



The following legislation relevant to the topics being studied by this special committee has been introduced in the 2006-07 legislative session